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           Growing more than 40 varieties of Lavender in the High Desert of Northern Nevada can be a challenge.  The winter Temperatures can go below 0 at night with feet of snow on the ground. The Summer temperatures can be in the 100s with Humidity as low as 10%. However here at CAMPIE'S LAVENDER PATCH LLC we take that challenge on successfully. CAMPIE'S  distilles the Lavender essential oils by cultivar (type) of Lavender and each oil is unique and different from the rest. We use that oil in our unique gifts. Gifts that not only please the senses but heal the body and the soul. We also sell the essential oil individually. We offer several varieties of live Lavender Plants as well as our extensive line of gifts as shown on the products pages..


Mike & Diane Van Camp

Campies Lavender Patch

12390 Shawnee Rd. Stagecoach, NV 89439

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Call us 1-775-720-2420
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