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True, pure Lavender honey is a very rare commodity and is naturally produced only by the Bees.

Honey produced by bees that have pollinated Lavender has a unique and exceptional taste. While infusing Lavender into Honey can produce Lavender infused Honey, true Lavender Honey is rare and can only be produced  by the Bees.

CAMPIE'S Gourmet , true Lavender Honey, offers a hint of Lavender captured in the most natural way.

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Campie's Bees are 

hard at work all summer putting together a Gourmet Lavender Honey Masterpiece

 High Desert, crystal   clean air, well water,   no pollutants, no 

 chemicals used,what   else could you ask



We are currently offering 8 ounces of Lavender Honey Beautifully presented in a early 19th century corked Muth Honey jar along with a Lavender Sachet. Except for the jar and the Cork everything presented here comes exclusively from the State of Nevada.


We offer Campie's Gourmet Lavender Honey and Sachet for only $14.00 a bottle

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